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This website was created on the occasion of Mik’s birthday to celebrate his 50-year passion for Western movies. To learn more about Mik and his team of family and friends who share the love for western cinema, just keep reading!

Mik – the Sheriff

Mik having aperitivo in Faenza

Michelangelo “Mik” Calderoni: pater familias, logistics enthusiast, racing car lover, movie buff, and most importantly: Mik is our guide into the world of Western movies. Despite his unwillingness to be at the center of attention and his reluctance to identify as a Western movie expert, we convinced him to reveal his lists of all-time Western favorites to share with friends and family. We plan to introduce you to them all, so you can prepare for a long, long journey to the West!

Mik tells us about the first Western movie he ever watched

His passion for Western movies started when he was a teenager, and never faltered. This website is dedicated to him as a present for his 75th Birthday.

Val – Deputy Sheriff

Val in Berlin
Valeria having a walk in Berlin

Valeria Calderoni: Faentina lontana, coordinator of a fantastic SEO Team at Visual Meta, b-movie nerd, Trekkie. Owner, creator and webmaster of Mik’s Best of the West.

THE Team

Sonia – The Lady of the West

Sonia in Faenza
Sonia ready for lunch at Angusto, Faenza

Sonia Calderoni: mother, unsung hero, knitting enthusiast, avid reader. She likely watched every Western movie on Mik’s list at least once during their 50-year marriage. Editor and writer for Mik’s Best of the West.

Vanessa – the Saloon Owner

Vanessa at the Pixies show
Vanessa at the Pixies show in Bologna

Vanessa Calderoni: Family doctor in Faenza, cat lady, theater actress, force of nature: in the Old West, she would have undoubtedly owned a saloon, busier and smokier than Joan Crawford’s. Vanessa is co-owner of Mik’s Best of the West.

Gau – the School Master

Enrico and his partner Simona in Faenza

Enrico Gaudenzi: family man, historian, teacher, film expert, author of La grande guerra al cinema. Tra narrazioni e censure, published by Clueb in 2017, Gau is a regular contributor for Mik’s Best of the West. He is the author of our first article, Why should we be watching Western movies today.

Nero – the Mandan Marshal

Nero in L.A.

M. Nero Nava: in his own words, Aesthete/Musician/Artist/Venusian/Movie Maker/Writer. You can have a look at his work as a filmmaker on his page on Vimeo. Nero is a longtime friend of the MBOTW family gang; for Mik’s Best Of The Best, he contributed as editor for the English version of our article on Lonely Are The Brave, and he might soon write one of his own.

Luca – the Half-Blood Gunfighter

Luca at a tavern in Rome

Luca Piccolino: painter, writer, poet, author of the book of poems X TRE, with a second poetry book in the works. Vanessa‘s husband, born and raised in Rome, Luca is a huge cinema fan and lover of the Italian spaghetti western tradition. For Mik’s Best Of The West, he curated our list of the best spaghetti western “al pomodoro”.


Cri – the Railroad Bandit

Simon – the Lonesome Cowboy

Anna – the Avenging Gunslinger

Sara – the Poker Player

Canna – the Bounty Hunter

Nico – the Preacher

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